Friday, 25 January 2013

Lady of the Mystery

Mother of the Lord, Lady of the Mystery,
Lady of hope, clothed in the sapphire of the night,
Lady with three stars on thy mantle,
Holy anchor of our aspirations,
Here am I, before thee once again,
Wasted by the tumult of the world, a slave to my thoughts,
After receiving my spiritual father's counsel and blessing,
I set upon the path of my salvation,
Furnished with the holy resolve to compel myself to unceasing prayer.
But my thought, earthly idol, allows me no occasion
To establish myself in a state of prayer, in the place of God,
There in my heart of hearts, towards which I strain.
Help me also, O thou my Protectress,
Strengthen me in the incessant invocation,
Come to my aid and I will chant to thee:

Rejoice, Strength of virginity, true soul of the world!
Rejoice, sanctified body, Place which contains God!
Rejoice, Holy of Holies, secret place at the heart's core!
Rejoice, spiritual Treasure enclosed in the spirit of the humble!
Rejoice, sure Gift of all the ineffable virtues!
Rejoice, golden Censer from which rises pure prayer without cease!
Rejoice, Oneness of Mind of all the reconciled churches!
Rejoice, Lightning illumining the souls of the faithful!
Rejoice, unceasing Help, even of those hardened in sin!
Rejoice, protective Mantle over our weakness!
Rejoice, O Bride, Mother of continual prayer!

From Akathist to the Mother of God of the Burning Bush, by Romanian New-Martyr Fr Daniel (Santu Tudor). Ikos VIII.


  1. Is the whole Akahist on line? or do you where to find a copy? thank you!

  2. I was given a photocopy - not sure where it came from. There is a long article on the author here: